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75 kW (1 HP) and below are 61 meters (200 feet)Primary fuses - If primary FLA is less than 2 amps, fuse may be 300% maxThe online competitor cross reference tool aid in finding the closest Eaton's Bussmann Business equivalent based upon the entered competitive part number

EKF does not claim this list to be completeThe RBS 6000 base station family is designed to meet the increasingly complex challenges facing operators today
Phoenix Contact COMBICON Power Connection Family | COMBICON MSTB Series — PCB Terminal Blocks and PCB Connectors: While traditional Phoenix Contact terminal blocks represent a secure and reliable method of wire termination, our DIN rail COMBICON pluggable connector solutions give you flexibility with onsite installation, maintenance, and system adaptationAnuncio ATDR Time-delay/Class CCThe best protection for today’s small motorsAmp-Trap 2000 ® ATDR small-dimension fuses can provide IEC Type 2 No Damageprotection to your facility’s increasingly sensitive branch circuit components and smallmotors – minimizing the risk of fault-related damageMultimode and singlemode optical loss test kit with or without save and download function

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